Luxury Dog Sitting Services

Home from Home
Walks twice a day!
Just £150 Per Week


Here at Parkwalks, we pride ourselves for providing walking and sitting services that ensure your dog gets his exercise everyday whether you’re at work or at a vacation or business trip. Although there’s nothing like the love of an owner to his dog, we’re no doubt the second best you’ll ever find. So with that in mind, here are the services we offer:

Working Week

While you're working, we'll be strolling round Queen's Park, having a great time!

Simply drop your pooch off in the morning and we'll be a home from from!

Just £7 per day!

Great value

2 walks included!

Lots of hugs!

Convenient times for you!

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Going on holiday & owning a pet can be difficult. Let us take care of the wees and walks while you're on holiday with home from home retreat.

7 night doggy holidays from
just £150!

Great value doggy boarding

2 30 minute walks each day

Lots of attention

Play time in abundance!

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60 Minute Walks

Socialising, getting exercise, discovering new sniffs. Just some of what we'll be up to while you're working.

60 minute walks start
from just £8

Great value walking

60 minute walks start from just £8.

Let's get your pooch to the park!

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About Park Walks Dog Sitting

Hi, I’m Amy.

I walk my dogs around the park every day and I’d love to walk your dog, too.

Whether you need your pooch looking after while you’re working or on holiday, we offer a convenient, friendly, woof-focused service that keeps those tails wagging.

Be sure to see our working week walk deal for discounted rates.

dog walker

Week Day Drop Off


  • 2 walks included
  • home from home
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60 Minute Walk


FROM Per Walk
  • Play+Walk
  • Dinner Time
  • Lots of Time for Hugs
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We offer discounts for your wolf-pack:

  • PER DAY: just £3.50 extra per dog.
  • PER WEEK: just £35 extra per dog.
  • PER 60 MINUTE WORK: just £3.50.


How To Get In Touch

We’re ready to get your dog walking and playing in a park near you.

Tel: 07718043713

Your Dog Only Deserves the Best!

Make sure your dog is walked and cared for even when you’re away with our professional home dog sitters!


About Us

If you need a pet sitter who will provide quality care for your dog like no other, you’re in the right place! Our dog walkers are very much familiar with dogs so they know how to walk and treat them like their true owners would.


Parkwalks is an affordable and professional home dog sitter in Stoke-on-Trent. Our sitters fetches your dog from your home and gets them back there as well with twice a day walks that your dog will surely love! If you book by bulk, you can get great discounts as well!


Why hire a dog sitter?

Hiring a pet sitter is no doubt a great option should you find yourself away from home for a few days or weeks! With us at your service, you’ll never have to find last-minute arrangements among your friends or family which may or may not work out in the end.


What we can bring you is convenience and peace of mind knowing that you’ll have someone trustworthy to leave your dog with. Professionals who know how to treat your pets and who will make sure that they’re safe and comfy even while you’re away!


Benefits of Hiring a Parkwalks Dog Sitters

There are numerous advantages to hiring a Parkwalks dog sitter but here are some definite ones below that will no doubt convince you that we are the best choice to attend to your dog should you be away for any amount of time!

  • Trustworthy dog sitters – The available sitters on the site have been vetted thoroughly so you’ll know that your dog is in good hands.
  • Affordable dog sitting care – We offer inexpensive pet sitting care for your dog so you can go away without worrying of rising costs the longer you’re gone.
  • Convenience – We know how busy life could be so having a dog sitter ready to take over whenever you need to is a convenient way to do the things you have to.

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How To Get In Touch

We’re ready to get your dog walking and playing in a park near you.

Tel: 07718043713